Dear authors,

The work must be submitted to  and it is necessary that the technical preparation is done as follows:

1. Authors submit papers in English, Serbian or the languages ​​of the environment (Croatian, Bosnian, etc.). Works in Serbian can be in Latin or Cyrillic,

2. The paper should be prepared on your computer, Microsoft Office, Word for Windows,

3. Papers can have up to 10 pages, and exceptionally, due to the specificity of the topic, can be longer,

4. Paper size: ENVELOPE B5 (176 x 250) mm, margins: left / down / up / right 31 mm. Font Times New Roman, Line Spacing Single, spacing before = 6 and after = 6

5. Title of the paper: centered, size 12, bold, all capital letters and max. In two lines,

6. Last name and first name of the author, size 11, bold, italic, only first capital letter,

7. In the footnote state: surname and first name, academic / scientific title, organization / institution, full address, telephone number and e-mail address. All format footnotes :, size 10,

8. One row blank (11pt). Summary word, centered, size 11, bold, italic,

9. Content summary up to 150 words, justify, size 11, italic, spacing before = 6 and after = 6,

10. The word "Keywords" and keywords, size 11, Italic, specify a maximum of 5 keywords,

11. The main titles (eg 1. Introduction ... 5. Literature) have a number, the first capital letter, size 11, bold, centered, spacing before = 12 and after = 6,

12. size 11 work text, justify flattening, spacing before = 6 and after = 6,

13. Subtitles have the number of titles and the number of subtitles (eg 1.1 introductory notes), first letter large, size 11, centered, spacing before = 12 and after = 6,

14. Each table or chart is preceded by text announcing it. Table title to write above table, Size 10, bold, italic, spacing before = 6 and after = 0, straightening Justify, and chart title / image / schema to write below, Size 10, bold, italic, spacing before = 0 and after = 6 , justify handling, in Serbian and English (Table 1. / Graph 1. / Figure 1 / Schemes 1.),

15. Complete table of size 10. Header of table size 10, bold, and source table / charts / images / schemas to write below the table / charts / images / schemes, size 10, Italic, right, spacing before = 0 and after = 6.

16. Citation of the author is indicated in parentheses and begins with the surname of the first author and the letters "" (if more than one author), and citing the year of the source cited,

17. To cite a Web source, it is necessary to specify the basic Web address, and the entire address with the date of last access to be given in the literature,

18. References are given in alphabetical order by author's surname, with serial number, font size 11, spacing before = 0 and after = 3. Only references can be found in the literature list,

19. Cited Internet addresses are given as a complete link and the parenthesis indicates the date of last access,

20. On the new page, write the title of the work in English, surnames and names of the authors (in footnote information about the authors), Summary, text of the summary in English up to 150 words, justify, size 11, italic, spacing before = 6 and after = 6 and keywords.

If the work is not arranged in the manner stated above, we will be forced not to accept it for printing.

Editorial Board of Agroeconomics Magazine